A dookey maker. A budunkaa-dunk-dunk. Humps. Lady Lumps. A bootiful ass. Most common with Black women.
"Great googly moogley, that thang iz juicy."

"Dang, look at her dookey maker!"

"That bitch is bootilicious"
by B.Pope March 16, 2007
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to be very sexy; hae a fine ass
That girl in the corner is bootilicious.
by Xyrus November 08, 2003
A word Beyonce doesnt want associated with her as of 19/9/03
I'm bootylicious, but I don't want you to say that!!!!
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
more ass than a ka-dunka-dunk!!
that ass iz jus bootilicious.
by jb December 25, 2003
something that is off the hook, the chain fa shizzle; break me off a piece
Your fine ass is bootilicious
by mexcellent k August 07, 2003
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