1. the word used in place of 'y' when ghetto kids "sext"
2. Final replacement of booty
3. A fettish that girls named Tess use to name their pet spiders.
Dude, that chick gotta big ol' booti!

I totally want my cock up that booti.
by ISpeakTheEngrish January 26, 2012
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Top Definition
booti - (rhymes with footy) meaning big, fat or substantial in size
Wow, that's a booti sandwich you got there. You must be really hungry!
by CWearapirahna December 02, 2013
The area between the genitals and the asshole.
She could feel the juices running over her bootis and pooling onto the bed below her ass.
by S. Sa"bootis" April 01, 2003

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