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To have one's boot or shoe, particularly a rubber boot, fill with water.
I got a booter on the way to school today.
by Schepp March 16, 2005
(skiing) n. A large jump, usually in the backcountry.
Let's go to Diamondhead this weekend and build a big booter over the road.
by SamAdams January 29, 2005
A person straight out of boot camp.
What do you know, you're just a booter.
by Pink Kitty August 12, 2004
program used to boot off or disconnect a chat user from the internet connection they are using.
I was chatting in yahoo chat and my messenger screen started filling with thousands of private message windows from boon-dog tart v1 chat booter, it disconnected my chat.
by Danny l Williams June 04, 2006
One who injects; an IV drug user.
Selling to booters is unpleasant.
by ihate January 13, 2010
An online tool used to perform DDoS attacks or stress tests.
I used NovalyTech's free booter to ddos my network!
by January 20, 2015
booter is known for being an ass whole and his small dick! booters are attracted to younger girls or any males or females that puts out .. booters have the common nick name of Chester the child molester? booters are also obsessed with the word #bitch!!!!!
my name is booter and my friends are being a bitch!!!!
by qiuxmo July 23, 2016
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