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(skiing) n. A large jump, usually in the backcountry.
Let's go to Diamondhead this weekend and build a big booter over the road.
by SamAdams January 29, 2005
Someone, usually a surfer, who irritates everyone, male or female, young or old, by calling them "bro".
Can also be used as a general term of derision.
That fuckin' brodad can eat my ass.
by SamAdams January 29, 2005
If, while eating a long john, the filling shoots out the end, the long john becomes a schlong john. Can also be used for particularly long and skinny and/or phallic long johns.
Whoa! Watch where you point that schlong john.
by SamAdams February 01, 2005
v. derived from "own".
Usually used in a statement of self-deprecation.
I got sufficiently ownerized by that gnar booter.
by SamAdams January 29, 2005
A general derisive term possibly derived from either Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb from The Silence of the Lambs, or the star of the Gumby Show.
Don't fall now, you fucking gumb! I don't have you!
- Josh Lowell, 2000
by SamAdams February 01, 2005
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