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One who injects; an IV drug user.
Selling to booters is unpleasant.
by ihate January 13, 2010
One gram
hey man, you good?


Can you hook me up with a geeber?
by ihate February 02, 2010
A word abused by pre-teen girls in an effort to make other kids think they're hot stuff. Usually seen wearing over-sized glasses when they don't need it, knee-high socks, suspenders, starbucks coffee in one hand, and an iphone in the other. Beware of these creatures.
Girl: *Puts on glasses* "Wow I am such a nerd! <3 :3 RAWR lol ;P"
by iHate April 08, 2013
a term for a pointless act done by humans in which there are many different types. people just bop around their appendages in front of one another without even talking for hours. they are simply emulating the symptoms of epilepsy. grinding, has a point to get males hard, while simulataneously looking like they are skinning a potato.
people should start DANCING in bed.
by ihate January 05, 2007
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