A term most often overly used by ricers and so called "import tuners". Usually used to define how much a car's air intake is pressurized, measured in PSI or bar.
"Dude, I'm running 18 lbs of boost in my beater civic with a 100 shot of Nawssss."
by BlingBling September 02, 2003
boost12 shit talking slimmy meatball with a trailered maroon cobra street car with 3 parachutes. Typically found in the outer suburbs of chicago region. Easily provoked when a 100$ races are thrown at him.
EX: Boost 12 will run you at the track for $100 heads up
by tinker belle November 04, 2006
literally playing golf
"swing boost"
by noixz January 15, 2009
Term used to describe an overexaggeration.
You are so full of it, that was such a boost!
by kaina December 26, 2004
to raise and exaggerate how badly something really is
Person 1: Woah, that was the best cake i've ever had
Person 2: Don't boost!
by Punjucitaiwanabegogowe February 27, 2008
To belch with one fist placed in front of the lips, as if to catch the air...meanwhile the shoulders come up and upper body moves in a forward motion...side note, all boosts smell like balogna or Ranch dressing.
Man did you see grandma BOOST like that?

Ewww...that boost smells like balogna.
by freelala June 13, 2008
anything that enhances your mood, when you need that little extra, happy about the situation that has unfolded in front of you
Dude that is such a boost!.....im boosted.....boost my face....or simply...booooost
by MarioButtersbeat October 05, 2006

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