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a fuking depressing job
boost juice even has state manager n a fuking annual conferance that probly consists of lube, ductape and a banana.
by your mums mum October 22, 2007
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A job that will eventually want to make u jump out of a window. Seems good wen u first start coz its easy as shit, but then u realise ur earing money below the poverty level n the managers r total fuckheads that snitch more than ja rule

i never once washed my hands working at boost

manager: hey boost juice employees who wants to get fired today?
employee: fuck u u gay muthfuker fuck u rite in the ear
manager: that wasnt very nice who wants to dress up as a banana?
employee: fuck my life 'shoots himself in the head'
by boost is a joke March 08, 2008
The exact point of ejaculation during masturbation. Any type of energy drink. Or the miniature gravity lift in Halo 3.
Halo 3: "He used a BoostJuice to get over the wall and around our guys."

Energy Drink: "Yeah, I could really use a BoostJuice right now."
by R.B.S March 31, 2008
Another word for copping head. With reference to the boosting of juices. Also with reference to the juice bar company called "Boost Juice", particularly in relation to their added shots of protein and vitamin supplements.
"Man I just copped a boost juice in toilets! She definitely got her protein for the day"
by 123easyasABC April 10, 2010

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