a nickname for the looks of infant/newborn baby
it's a boosh!
by Perfecthalo July 28, 2010
Boosh is exploding of Whoosh. It is not a good thing. Boosh can be black, green, white, purple, brown, and many more disease looking colors.
You know Manuel died of Boosh? :
Watchout! You almost made me Boosh!
by OLOgirl25/8 August 31, 2010
Busch Light with Orange juice in it. A "Mighty Boosh" is a Busch Light with Orange juice and cranberry juice in it.
Do you want to drink a boosh with me? What about a mighty boosh?
by Lolly Poo January 04, 2010
Something that Jack Black snacks on right after the show.

See Tenacious D
"Snackin on a tasty boosh, right after the show..."
by Alex June 15, 2004
An affectionate/heartfelt nickname used for a significant other. Usually used when in a good/loving mood.
"Boosh - I miss you. When will I get to see my Boosh again?"
by higspdlodrg March 19, 2009
The art of the horizontal polka, doin the nasty, bumping uglies, hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing, to sauce, to shag, slopping hogs, parking the beef bus in 'Tuna Town', Aztec two-step Boarding the ham train to Pussyopolis, Buttering the muffin, Cave exploring, Fornicating, Genital exercise, Having a bit of the cramstick, Hiding the sausage, 'it', Jigging, Knocking boots, Laying some pipe, making babies, Nailing , Oops, Probing the membrane, Quickie, Rubbing bacons, Running the naked wheelbarrow race, Sexercizing, Sewing up the hatchet wound, Taking it to the car wash, Trading a bit of hard for a bit of soft, Ugh ugh, Vaginal bungee jumping, Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, and Zwooshing the swoosh.
Those two crazy cats booshed on the hood.
And Jamie and Bret were caught booshing in the car.
by KappaBeasty March 28, 2005
The act of coming, Either in a lady, in you hand, or in a man.
Last night booshed on her face!
by bacon00000 August 05, 2009
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