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A substitution or alternative to any noun or verb. Mainly used to throw people off and confuse them.
Orignally, a slang word for illegal alcohol during the years around the Great Depression
"Jennifer Lopez looked like such a hoosh today, it was disgusting."
"Let's hoosh tonight after the party."
"Did you see her hooshes? Fuhhhhh, they were huge, like whoa."
"Get your hoosh over here, now."
"Oooooo! You're in for a hooshin' tonight!"
by liiiiiiiizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa November 22, 2005
Hooshamansata ... T.J. ... tug job.

A hoosh is when a male is manually ejaculated. The term hoosh is also onomatopoeia as the imagined sound as ejaculate projectile soars through the air, just before it comes to rest on a nearby surface.
So and so gave me a hoosh in front of her best friend. I hooshed all over her friend's face.

I was just home hooshing. I hooshed all over the curtain ... my bad.
by Delhomietheclown November 24, 2011
The state of being super horny and wanting to be sexually involved in something at that moment. what you scream when sex is being enjoyed.
An orgasm, Im having a hoosh!
by ........Dot Dot Dot February 07, 2010
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