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A better term for the word "boo", your significant other.
Me and my boonana are gonna chill tonight.
by ZUnit26 July 28, 2010
n. adj. v. adv. intj.

This word can mean anything from bitch to awesome!
"That shirt is so boonana!"
"Man, she's being a really boonana today"
by a.tor August 07, 2006
1. The Original song before other definitions by The Super Wang Brothers. Reached somewhere in the charts. Near the bottom, but still there!

2. A huge bent cock
1. Boonana, Boonana!
by fuzzular August 16, 2010
Alternative name for a banana.

Stems from evolution of the term banana kick
Oh that's a lovely boonana from the boundary!
by jowie53 October 03, 2009

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