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An event in the game of ultimate frisbee in which a player makes a huge defensive play causing a turnover on one end of the field, and then later scores by catching the disc in his own endzone on the other end of the field.
"Whoa, did you see Clay with that huge layout block?"
"Yea, then did you see Rich pick the disc up and huck it down to the endzone? Somehow Clay was there to catch it!"
"Yea, man, he had bookends that time."
by Clayton e. February 21, 2006
Sexual act where you have two ppl penetrating one person (one anally or vaginally and then another orally) thus like bookends on a shelf.
man sally got bookended last night by these 2 guys
by jeff2401 July 05, 2007
A group of skinny girls between two heavy weight bitches. Usually done in professional photographs.
How did your wedding pictures turn out? "Nice, I am very happy with them! The photographer was really good." I saw you had two fatties in your wedding party. They didn't ruin the pictures did they? "No thank god she used them as bookends."
by Mayble Chote October 03, 2011
Offensive term for twins or other co-multiples, implying that they are not individuals.
Hey, Mary-Kate and Ashley, come be in this picture! Yeah, one on each side of me...y'all are like bookends!
by SleepsWithTheFishies May 27, 2011
A sexual encounter that starts and ends with your favorite activity. French bookends would indicates that you had oral sex at the start and end of your encounter.
I had a great time with Jillian last night, we had hot sex with french bookends
by golf99 August 03, 2010
Two equally obese chicks (or dudes) in close proximity, like walking down the street, sitting next to each other or blocking an aisle in the store.
Look at those bookends!
by Dezertman July 27, 2014
The act of having a meal that consist of eating an appetizer and a dessert.
We are going to go having dinner at Applebee's and bookend it. I think I may have mozzarella sticks, nachos, and chocolate cake.
by SalPhone January 07, 2012
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