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1. The sound of a gunshot as replicated by voice. Often accompanied by a gun-like hand gesture.

Rude bwoy origin.
If i sees dat battybwoy on da side of da road, BOOKA!
by nocturnal January 12, 2005
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the noise i enjoy making when pretending to shoot people
Darryl, if you cheat on me with chris again.....'BOOKA!'
by me April 07, 2003
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An amazing boyfriend who never lets you down. He's perfect in almost every way, and you'll never want to let him go. someone who is the first thought in your head every morning and the last person you want to talk to about anything before you sleep. a best friend and someone you never get tired of. who makes you laugh and gives stomach butterflies. is the love of your life.
ryan, booka, bowsa, my lilcutie and world.
by heyiloveyouu October 05, 2010
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a girl who is overweight; not by a large amount, but just enough that you would not have sex with her (or if you would have sex with her, you would never admit it to your friends.)
Dude, yesterday I ran across my ex-girlie who I hadn't seen in months...she wanted to take me back to her place to hook up, but she got all booka so I ain't down with that anymore.
by Trent Anthony August 10, 2005
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adjective - a term used to describe a song that is completely horrible by being repetitive, simplistic and utterly cheesy in its lyrical content. A song that is a booka will repeat its chorus endlessly and its chorus is at most four lines.
The term's origin is Denver, CO and was inspired by the song "#1 Stunna" by Big Tymers. Someone misheard the line "You know I keep a ";blucka-blucka"; and it morphed to its present form.
Examples of songs that are a 'booka' include "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas, "My Hood" by Young Jeezy or "Jump" by the regrettable kiddy act Kriss Kross.
by A-town Tommy J. April 20, 2006
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