1. (noun) An untalented person, bred in an art school, who thinks they are amazing. They are most commonly found in groups. Like gangs. Known to be extremely promiscuous and occasionally homosexual. Often, they are two faced and shouldn't be trusted. Exercise extreme caution if one is identified.

See bitch.

2. (verb) Basically, it's being gang raped. It is the signature action of the boogles (a gang). If someone says they are going to boogle you, run! Once they capture you, you can never escape... And you'll need expensive therapy.

See trauma.
Stephanie: Let's have sex even though I'm a lesbian.
Benedict: OK, sounds good to me. I'll take what I can get seeing as nobody else will sleep with me. Because I'm short. And squirrelly.
Stephanie: Awww, boogles! Don't worry, my vagina will sooth your heart ache. And herpes.

Stacy: I hate it when a boogle gets the lead.

Elizabeth: You're such a boogle! I want to boogle you all day. Mmmz...
by Ninja Hooker May 02, 2008
Top Definition
A large, lovable hug online

see huggles
unDeadepidemic: i love you kateeee!
kitiix: aww i love you too mikey ::boogles::
by Insane Enlightment July 23, 2004
The sound that it makes when you step on a used condom. (very high-pitched)
"Y'know, your night goes well, and you don't wanna leave your girl right after! You wanna snuggle with her! So you tie the condom and throw it wherever, yeah? The next morning, you're like, "I'm gonna start this beautiful day!" and get out of bed, and suddenly, boogle, you've stepped on the condom."
by zane r May 15, 2014
A small, purple creature capable of changing shape, that helps Torin reach the lands below.
Boogle, can you change into an axe?
by Master German January 11, 2005
East Lancashire expression meaning to regurgitate the contents of one's stomach.
Jordan: Why weren't you at school yesterday?

Matty: I boogled mi brekkers on t'carpet. I should stop eatin' those black bananas.
by Lexiconstipation August 08, 2009
A negative result to having Googled a person; to be shocked or repulsed by what you find out about a person you have just Googled; to Google someone with the intention of finding out something negative about them.
"There's no way Janie's that perfect, I bet we could find out something if we boogle her."

by RuNikiRun March 31, 2008
Canadian term for trees. Used mostly in the northern Alberta region.
"That's a mighty fine looking boogle over there"
by An experienced Canadian March 25, 2013
You meet a guy one night and get a big crush on him. After hanging out, you go on the internet later to check him out on google. You boogle him - cuz, you know - he's your boo.
After I got home last night I boogled Mark to find out his life story.
by Lara Flynn-Boyle December 11, 2010
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