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The scary monster man that gets little kids at night, usually found under the bed or in a dark closet.
Little eric got eaten by the boogeyman when he didn't say his prayer last night.
by Seanernet October 24, 2003
a terrible movie that should never be watched by anyone
pulp fiction is a good movie, boogeyman is not
by Mad Maximus March 09, 2006
n - A wrestler who came out of the WWE writing team's closet to hunt down their bad storylines.
WWE fan: Oh man, here comes another Teddy Long bit with Nunzio and Vito.
(enter Boogeyman)

Boogeyman: I am the boogeyman, and I'm comin...ta GITCHA!

(Audience cheers)
by Monk of Justice December 19, 2005
The act of simultaneous performing cunnilingus on a female and massaging her breasts while making a slurping, boogey-like noise with your mouth. It appears as if you're the boogey man waving his arms and making noises in an attempt to scare someone.
Joe: "Dude that girl was hot, did you eat her out?"

Mike: "Hell yeah dude, I did the boogeyman!"

Joe: "I thought I heard some scary noises!"
by trapperjack69 March 19, 2014
When a guy is getting a gal up the booty with his ding-a-ling and one of his guy friends, who has been waiting in the closet, sneaks up and puts his ding-a-ling in immediately after the 1st guy "accidentally" pulls out. Then the 1st guy sneaks runs outside and knocks on the window to inform his gal that she has received the boogeyman. This act is used to pay a bitch back or to get a lonely friend some ass.
Guy: Hey (place guys name here), do you want to give (place girls name here) the boogeyman tonight?

Friend: Yes, I'd love to stick my "D" in her "B"...lets do it!
by H-town Crew March 12, 2008
When a single person, or a group of people hide under the bed while another party takes part in sexual activity. In most cases, the guy is aware of what is taking place, while the girl is completely oblivious.
My girlfriend is coming to my room. You guys should boogeyman us while we have sex.
by murdamurda January 29, 2010
One who attempts to pick their nose secretly and doesn't know that someone can see them. And then they eat it.
"OMG BRO! I just saw Russ pulling a boogeyman! He gobbled that think up like."
by Destructive Fruit March 04, 2009
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