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A woman who uses her breasts to gain or hold attention because of being otherwise deficient.
Good thing she's got boobzillas, because she's so butt-ugly she'd have to tie a steak around her neck for the dogs to play with her.
by Sybermoms October 21, 2003
A girl who is packing very big breasts, but lacks hotness or is on the heavy side.
"Oh my gawd its boobzilla"
by Trevor Macalihan November 15, 2011
A woman who is very ugly - like godzilla, except they have nice looking breasts
"Did you see that woman walking past? - she was a real Boobzilla"
by Ms Breast man July 10, 2008
In the world of Adult, performer Desiree Deluca is known as Boobzilla--she's a hot, red-headed MILF with 34F natural boobs. She's definitely earned the title and has been recently been dubbed a legend by Hot Movies for Her based on her amazing mammaries.
Damn, look at that girl, Desiree Deluca. She's got amazing tits--and they're HUGE. Her boobs dwarf everything in their presence. They're like Godzilla, but they're boobs (AKA Boobzilla).
by Natasha badanov November 03, 2011
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