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n. Used when describing a woman.

A woman has a boobydoo when her gut sticks out further than her boobies do.
Damn! That bitch got a boobydoo!
by Supafly January 21, 2005
Booby Doo is a name used to describe people with Moobs, or Man Tits. Booby, reffering to the boobs on the man. And Doo added on the end because of Scooby Doo.

Some men have moobs, which is the male version of boobs
Male + Boobs = Moobs

People who have moobs, should be called Booby Doo. So whenever you see them call them Booby Doo and not by their real name.
Oi Booby Doo! look at your man tits!
Piss off Booby Doo!
by Spaartacus12345 January 13, 2012