leaving a fart in a room or elevator so the next person walks right into it and gets a nice wiff.
i was on my way to the fourth floor when I booby trapped the elevator with my death gas.
by grimpin1 July 03, 2011
When someone/something gets trapped between a woman's breasts.
bobby was going just fine until he was booby trapped.
by Jacky5724 August 28, 2006
During the act of intercourse, a man puts his penis inbetween the girl's breasts and proceeds to thrust up and down. The breasts (if big enough) should 'trap' the man there until he finishes. Hence - the booby trap.
"My girl loves it when I use her booby trap"
by J3zz1(A December 08, 2008

1. a concealed trap

2. to conceal a trap in something
They will probably booby trap the route. We will need a metal detector to avoid running over hidden mines.
by Light Joker October 20, 2005
When foreign people warn you of potential in-trappings that could potentially harm you, while in a dark cave under an old restaurant and while wearing an old NY Yankees hat.
"Watch out!! It's a booby trap!!" - Johnny Moises Sanchez
by Hondurian Hottie March 26, 2010
When an item, be it living (God forbid) or inanimate, gets stuck between a woman's breasts. Sometimes it's an accident, sometimes not. Most of the time it's an accident. If the female subject is with other females, they call out "BOOBY TRAP!". Sounds stupid but it's really funny...
When Alice dropped the penny between her breasts, we shouted "BOOBY TRAP!".
What happens when a lady with big jugs is examining a bear trap display a little too closely.
Madonna: Ooooh, bear traps!
Store Clerk: DAMN, now that's a booby trap!
by Spork da dork December 11, 2008

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