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To manipulate a man into a relationship by promising casual, "non-commital" sex

See venus fly trap
Guy1: She told me she only wanted sex?!? Now she wants me to meet her parents!?

Guy2: Bro, she booby trapped you lovely!
by puk February 23, 2005
1. Young, bohemian hipster who is a selective vegetarian
2. Puerto-Rican Jew

1. To pretend to be a hipster pseudo-intellectual
1. I walked into the juice bar to grab a wheat-grass shot and was served by an mcutt.

2. I met this hipster chick when I tried out for the band, and went mcutt on her.
by puk February 15, 2005
The owner of aozora.nu
Cine sure rocks!
by Puk May 24, 2004
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