An extraordinarily long or large genitalia. Usually referring to men of the African American race.
Damn, Terrell's fuckin' 'uge. He's got bonus.
by Joseph Dirt June 05, 2005
Top Definition
When a person takes a shit and wiping is unnecessary(no shit present on toilet paper). Upon the completion of this the person must stand up and yell, BONUS!
When Chris found out he didn't have to wipe his shit, he stood up and proclaimed to the world, BONUS!
by The Deuce King April 30, 2006
To be followed by any word in a circumstance when

a) any type of goal was achieved

b) something more than expected happened or was obtained

Better when presented in the form of a question.
When explaining a game of scrabble to a friend;

person A: So i picked up a blank tile and spelled 'QUIZZIFY'
person B: Bonus Bingo?

When talking to a friend after cleaning the house;

person A: So i picked up a broom and swept under the couch, and found a whole piece of pizza
person B: Bonus cheese?
by rudolphJslik June 28, 2010
marijuana, reefer, etc.- a (can be unexpected) treat!
We came home from a night o drinking, and we lit up the bonus!
by D Maz March 10, 2006
1. a reach around

2. an unexpected occurance (positive or negative)
1. the gay guys bonused eachother

2. positive :i aced my test! bonus!
negative: that test bonused me (notice past tense signifies negative)
by matt July 07, 2004
a person that everyone hates but still hangs around and takes shit from everyone. variations include 'bone', 'bone daddy' etc
bonus : 'hi guys'
normal ppl: 'get fucked bonus u are a queer cunt. why be such a bonus'
by res pig August 20, 2003
An individual who has the personality traits of a sheep, whilst still managing to upset the friendship equillibrium in any peer group.
James's tyres will be deflated because he is such a bonus!
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003
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