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An unwanted member of any group.
"Why does that kid sit with you guys?"
"Dunno, he's just Bonus ( or 'he's just a Bonus')."
by Diego June 29, 2003
The worst handjob possible inside a movie theater.
Ryan was in the theater with his girlfriend and shes started to give him a bonus, "he wasn't pleased"
by logan obrien/ryan castro October 21, 2010
A questionable Canadian game where one person would yell bonus and place both hands flat together and shove the finger tips into another’s unsuspecting anus.

Funny as shit if its not you on the recieving or giving end.
"holy shit richie did you see how deep john's bonus can go!"


"man john is such a fag all he ever does is bonus me"
by Andrew Pradas April 24, 2008
"Bonus" sexually means gettin some head. (usually the male say's this) Ex. "Yeah I smashed it, plus got the bonus"
When meeting the opposite sex and ya'll attracted to each other, eventually sex will happen but normally not oral sex. So when you get some head it's considered or called a " Bonus"
by D Holman August 01, 2006
An extraordinarily long or large genitalia. Usually referring to men of the African American race.
Damn, Terrell's fuckin' 'uge. He's got bonus.
by Joseph Dirt June 05, 2005
Used to describe an erection, penis, or a lass's boobs.
Hes got a huge bonus
Look at the bonus's on her
He got a bonus in class
by Jen January 24, 2004
An individual who has the personality traits of a sheep, whilst still managing to upset the friendship equillibrium in any peer group.
James's tyres will be deflated because he is such a bonus!
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003