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A marathon bong session where everyone brings their own stash. The last person left conscious wins the bongathon, and as a prize, gets to drink the bong water.
I think I won last night's bongathon, but I don't really remember drinking the bong water.
by fugitive October 04, 2004
A marthon of phattie bong rips
Damn school was tight today, i just ditched and had a bongathon with the rest of the skeezers
by C Money April 29, 2004
A long-term endurance bong session. Involving misplaced machismo and one-upmanship much as in a drinking contest.
Although normally used just as a comical way of saying many many bongs were smoked. See mongathon.
1.Like see, we was smoking so much you could hardly see the squat door, for the bongathon!

2. Want to come over mine hobbit hole for unt bongathon Mavis?

#bong #mong #bonged out #mongathon #weed #dope #canabis
by Hurnia December 27, 2006
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