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A long-term endurance bong session. Involving misplaced machismo and one-upmanship much as in a drinking contest.
Although normally used just as a comical way of saying many many bongs were smoked. See mongathon.
1.Like see, we was smoking so much you could hardly see the squat door, for the bongathon!

2. Want to come over mine hobbit hole for unt bongathon Mavis?

by Hurnia December 27, 2006

(noun) mongathon is a long-term group, endurance binge on depressents, or soporifics (including Cannabis). Followed by a long period of monging.

See bongathon
The Abergavenny Smoke Out competition was a real mongathon, with competitors ingesting vast quantities of green! Some whitied.
by Hurnia December 27, 2006
Borat's (aka Sasha Baron Cohen's Kazakstani character) term for female genitalia.
Jagshemash, I like you! Do you like me? Let me see your fanjina!
by Hurnia December 29, 2006
Like You Tube and My Space, but a parody of the cultural fad for user generated content (UGC) online.

Also funny as its reference to the colon, or asshole.
I logged off My Tube, and droped the kids off at the pool all in one move!
by Hurnia January 24, 2007
A video widget, that being a video component often used to build a graphical user interface.
fucking vidget...never streams properly!
by Hurnia January 24, 2007
see shmokabola.
The compound word formed by running together 'smoke a bowl', as in pipe or bong usually of cannabis sativa/indica.
I got a new bag, got to hit the road, but we got time for a little smokabola.
by Hurnia December 27, 2006
Combination of, pixel (short for picture element, using the common abbreviation "pix" or "px")a single point in a graphic image, and fucking.

The meaning is applied to when someone is meticulous about the tiniest changes, (i.e one pixel left, one pixel right)in a design of some kind.
My boss is a pixelfucking, pixelfucker, but that's what makes him good at what he does.....
by hurnia May 16, 2007
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