one of the best things alive, use it everyday and it will make you feel like your on top of the world. You just have to make sure that you use it for the right thing(: affects: happy, giggly, and horny(:
Dude, pass the bong over this waaaay!
by AM(: October 17, 2010
The coolest thing ever!
Let's go hit the bong
by munchies6345 December 09, 2004
a device used to smoke pot..
Looks like mom wants to hit the doorbell...BONG....quote from the show Quintuplets
by ILOVELAPTOP December 22, 2004
What semi-poor suburban kids make to smoke in a classy way.
No dad, that jar, surgical tubing and socket isnt a bong... its an experiment for chemistry class
by A Lesbian Orgy July 17, 2009
smoking lamp
"alex you forgot smoking lamp"

-then he throws the bong and breaks it-

-grandmas boy(:
by morgasm(: January 18, 2009
Slang for the Bengalis of India...teens of almost every other state refer to them as "Bongs"...
A: Do you see that geeky guy over there? Let's befriend him; might help us for homework...

B: Ah! Forget it! He's a BONG! You know how they are!
by Scrabulous King August 28, 2008
A bong is like the holy grail. your search until you find the one that does you proper, then you make praise-and offer burnt sacrifice of tasty marijuana to her every niggghit.

A bong is does right if it has an ice catcher, at least one perculator, at leasat 16 diffusor ports and an ash catcher. ANything else is a joke.
Passthe bong fool, im trying to get looser than a mother fucker
by mioke December 05, 2007

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