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The coolest thing ever!
Let's go hit the bong
by munchies6345 December 09, 2004
a device used to smoke pot..
Looks like mom wants to hit the doorbell...BONG....quote from the show Quintuplets
by ILOVELAPTOP December 22, 2004
What semi-poor suburban kids make to smoke in a classy way.
No dad, that jar, surgical tubing and socket isnt a bong... its an experiment for chemistry class
by A Lesbian Orgy July 17, 2009
smoking lamp
"alex you forgot smoking lamp"

-then he throws the bong and breaks it-

-grandmas boy(:
by morgasm(: January 18, 2009
Slang for the Bengalis of India...teens of almost every other state refer to them as "Bongs"...
A: Do you see that geeky guy over there? Let's befriend him; might help us for homework...

B: Ah! Forget it! He's a BONG! You know how they are!
by Scrabulous King August 28, 2008
A bong is like the holy grail. your search until you find the one that does you proper, then you make praise-and offer burnt sacrifice of tasty marijuana to her every niggghit.

A bong is does right if it has an ice catcher, at least one perculator, at leasat 16 diffusor ports and an ash catcher. ANything else is a joke.
Passthe bong fool, im trying to get looser than a mother fucker
by mioke December 05, 2007
your ticket to a wild and crazy ass night with friends/family, which could lead to impregnation, being locked up by the pigs and or making up rediculous names for your piece
yo nigga you remember da bong, shit nigga you know i got dat shit right errrr!
by niggajames October 14, 2007