a person who asks a very stupid question, that is obviously fuckin retarded and lacks any long term goals and isnt going anywhere in life.
Set worker- is there really rum in ur coke?
Julian- Of course there is, you fuckin bone head
by SHLIMON October 02, 2006
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What traditional non-racist skinheads began to call scruffy glue-sniffing sleazeballs who pretended to be skinheads in the late 1970s. Now it specifically refers to neo-Nazi/white power skinhead imposters.
When I left the pub, a bonehead gave me a Hitler salute so I smacked him in the gob.
by Truth hurts March 11, 2003
Stupid, slow, stubborn.
Those boneheads on the road really work me up!
by Anonymous April 29, 2002
A person who is a true hardcore fan of the tv show "bones".
Girl 1 : What time is it?
Boy: It's 4:47
Girl 2: You're definitely such a bonehead!
by ElephantsArentPurple June 28, 2012
1. What traditionalist skinheads call neo-nazi skinheads.
2. One with low intelligance
"Oi, that skinhead has a swastika on his jacket."
"fuckin bonehead."
by Dropkickcw September 18, 2007
An poorly behaved, assinine person (usually male) who lacks consideration for others and posseses zero potential for character growth.
My last roomate was a frickin bone head. Brang chicks home every nite, punched holes in our walls, and never paid his last two months of rent.
by Damerz0405 November 20, 2006
ridiculously simple.
seemingly idiot proof.
functioning at a Neanderthal level of complexity.
"it's a bonehead beat but it works."
by metaball March 09, 2006
A person who appears at the back of every photo and/or video, just randomly.
As seen on Chasers War On Everything.

Did you see Chas bonehead at the Logies? It was so cool! I would never have the guts to do that!
by sande March 24, 2007

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