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ridiculously simple.
seemingly idiot proof.
functioning at a Neanderthal level of complexity.
"it's a bonehead beat but it works."
by metaball March 09, 2006
An umbrella term for the many restaurants that sell greasy slightly upgraded diner food. see: Chili's, Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, Outback Steakhouse, Spoons, Ect. They are notorious for being impressive on the first visit, then slowly the portions shrink, ingredients get cheaper, service dwindles, until eventually it just sucks.
Term was used as a fictional commercial restaurant on the Sealab 2021 episode Tinfins.
Grizzlebees family bar & grill, you'll wish you had less fun!
by metaball May 14, 2008
death by domestication.
girl: "do you like this color towel for the bathroom or want this color towel..."

guy: "nooooo, please god help me!! no, i'm being domesticated... fratricide, matricide, homicide, suicide, domesticide. i'm putting up curtains... & screwing in little lights over the sink." - Henry Rollins
by metaball April 06, 2006
one of many vague, nebulous, meaningless marketing hype phrases with no prerequisites, rules or regulations required to differenciate between them.

see: hit, break-out/thru, smash.

they imply that the product is already in some way "successful" & therefore is deserving of your attention, because you the consumer are a follower & couldnt possibly find something interesting on your own unless thousands or millions or others had already experienced it & said it was worth your valuable sheeple time & interest.
After a decade long career, selling millions of albums and touring the world several times over, the band finally had a 'smash hit' that went to number 30 in the charts.
by metaball August 03, 2007
A situational manipulation of a complicated & creepy nature. A Rube Goldbergian system designed to put the layman at an extreme disadvantage.

A scam whose totality is perceived incompletely by the "mark".

The cause of many heebeegeebees.
"I wanted to buy one of those foreclosed houses but there was too much molesté to get thru the deal."

A chess move that amplifies the impending damage to the opposing player. "That was some serious molesté right there."

The sense that your are in or near a trap. "There's way too much molesté down that dark alley, i'll take the long way."
by metaball August 15, 2009
The legend of the ghetto faries is about faries that wander the streets at night cleaning the curbs of presumably valuable garbage. People place their old furniture, appliances and other unwanted items on the curb at night. The faires are said to take the items before the garbage collectors or Salvation Army can pick them up.
I put some old furniture, appliances & clothes out for the Salvation Army to pick up, but the Ghetto Faries took it all before they could get here.
by metaball January 04, 2011
A telepathic sport where an invisible ball is passed around the room at increasing velocities until someone leaves the room screaming.

see also: creative intimidation, group dynamics, office politics, assertion of superiority, social gambits.
It started out as simple One-upmanship but quickly devolved into a full on game of metaball.
by metaball November 23, 2009

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