A person who appears at the back of every photo and/or video, just randomly.
As seen on Chasers War On Everything.

Did you see Chas bonehead at the Logies? It was so cool! I would never have the guts to do that!
by sande March 24, 2007
A person who acts like a fool in the background of a TV show being filmed, usually a news report. David Letterman first used the term.
The bonehead was jumping up and down and waving behind the news reporter doing a report
by Hayleyyyyyyyhi. July 10, 2007
a person who asks a very stupid question, that is obviously fuckin retarded and lacks any long term goals and isnt going anywhere in life.
Set worker- is there really rum in ur coke?
Julian- Of course there is, you fuckin bone head
by SHLIMON October 02, 2006
-n- a rockhound or mineral specimen collector obsessed with collecting or digging for fossilized dinosaur bone.
Digging in the Utah dirt for fossils made me feel like such a bonehead.

The bonehead couldn't stop buying fossils on ebay.

The bonehead cut such an amazing dinosaur bone cabochon.
by Jessa1155 March 13, 2010
a term for a nazi skinhead who aren't known for thier intelegence.
those bone heads started a fight in the bar again lastnight.
by spaceheater May 26, 2005
A clean room wafer monkey who makes continuous unnecessary brainless errors in the workplace usually between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am.
The bonehead has only gone and loaded the wrong furnace again.
by Bonehead#1 August 07, 2015
The term first used by David Letterman.

To Bonehead is to perform an act like jumping up and down, talking on a cell phone and holding up a sign behind a live television show, usually behind a news reporter doing a newscast.
The bonehead was doing a funny sort of dance behind the news reporter for attention and for a few seconds of television stardom.
by HayleyLikesToTango August 16, 2007

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