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A stubborn, thickheaded and determined person that doesn't think things through before acting upon them.
Person 1: "You really should think before you speak you bonehead"

Person 2: "I just say what I think I don't need to censor myself"

Person 1: "You just need to realize that it might not come out the way you want it to, you could rule the world if you just took the time to clean up your ideas."

Person 2: "I don't think so I think I do just fine."

Person 1: "Well, at least I try to help but you are such a bonehead you won't accept friendly advice."
by AFKinfamousbish August 19, 2009
A person who acts like a fool in the background of a TV show being filmed, usually a news report. David Letterman first used the term.
The bonehead was jumping up and down and waving behind the news reporter doing a report
by Hayleyyyyyyyhi. July 10, 2007
-n- a rockhound or mineral specimen collector obsessed with collecting or digging for fossilized dinosaur bone.
Digging in the Utah dirt for fossils made me feel like such a bonehead.

The bonehead couldn't stop buying fossils on ebay.

The bonehead cut such an amazing dinosaur bone cabochon.
by Jessa1155 March 13, 2010
a term for a nazi skinhead who aren't known for thier intelegence.
those bone heads started a fight in the bar again lastnight.
by spaceheater May 26, 2005
a person who asks a very stupid question, that is obviously fuckin retarded and lacks any long term goals and isnt going anywhere in life.
Set worker- is there really rum in ur coke?
Julian- Of course there is, you fuckin bone head
by SHLIMON October 02, 2006
The term first used by David Letterman.

To Bonehead is to perform an act like jumping up and down, talking on a cell phone and holding up a sign behind a live television show, usually behind a news reporter doing a newscast.
The bonehead was doing a funny sort of dance behind the news reporter for attention and for a few seconds of television stardom.
by HayleyLikesToTango August 16, 2007
- a stupid person; a dunce.
adj.boneheaded - (used informally) stupid
My boneheaded friend said racism is a kind of religion he would love to follow.
Stop being such a bonehead!
by agatazgarda September 11, 2009