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An eloquent term used to express one's rage, and/or exasperation. A combination of bonehead and douche bag
"Learn to drive, you bonebag!!
by marqwa April 19, 2011
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An artsy word formation of the insults bone head and douche bag. Therefore creating the new word bone bag
People who stop at green lights are bone bags
by yourmomatemysandwhich April 20, 2011
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n. A male condom, aka, a jimmy hat.
He gave LaTonya the real package, straight up--no bone bag or nuthin'.
by Carl Willis August 09, 2004
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1.) An elegant use of wordplay (like "spork"). Bonebag is a combination of the words "bonehead," and "douchebag," and is used to describe an individual who possesses not only the arrogance and jerk-like behaviors of a douchebag, but also the stupidity and stubbornness of a bonehead.
2.) Expression of extreme disappointment.

CAUTION: Use of this word may result in a broken nose.
1.) Hey! Screw you, bonebag!
2.) Oh, bonebag!
by k2love April 20, 2011
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I cant believe Micheal just stood you up! he is such a Bonebag!
by little miss ray ray April 27, 2011
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The combination of bonehead and douchebag. It's elegant wordplay, really.

From the show Traffic Light.
*Man driving cuts you off*
by FrenchTheLlama April 22, 2011
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A mixture of the insults "bonehead", who is someone who is stupid, dumb, or just slow, and "douche bag".

It has recently been used as the title of an episode of the Fox show Traffic Light.
Ben: You're dog just shit all over my yard!
Joe: Yeah, dogs poop sometimes, what are ya gonna do about it?
Ben: Hey, listen ya bonebag! I shouldn't have to pick up YOUR dog's shit!
by Honest Willy April 21, 2011
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