Meaning stupid.
Joe your bone!
by Cory Johnson June 24, 2004
meaning to forget,not to pay attention
Hey niggie bone it ain't real
by Lanre November 03, 2003
to give it how you like it
Seth Baker boned his hand last night! Awwww......yeah.
by Matt Rutherford September 26, 2003
Of or relating to having Down Syndrome/being retarded. Can be used as a noun or an adjective, depending on the situation.
Dude, are you kidding? You're a bone
by lilmarcDC2 September 22, 2010
False; not true.
When someone says something false, you yell out bone!!!
Person 1: Soulja Boy is the best lyrical rapper ever
Person 2: BONE!! he' weak as fuck bruh
by SlimKrazey February 22, 2010
Any alcohol drink which a camp male chooses to drink that generally can be defined as a womens drink. These include most alcopops such as smirniff ice. Usually drunk instead of beer as they do not have the same tastes as most males.
"2 bones over here!"
by Tom Fraser October 04, 2006
To render something or someone fubar by using a long, blunt object; such as a bat, table leg, or metal pipe.
...then he ripped off the table leg and totally boned that fucker upside his head.
by wanna-be-Rossi September 21, 2005
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