Generally not very good in any fashion.
This club is bone as hell.
by Olly August 30, 2003
n. an undeserved, great wrong. v. to shaft, wrong or fuck over somebody undeservedly.
The Chief gave Dave the bone again, poor bastard.
by Harry Flashman June 27, 2003
A dollar bill.
Son, lemme get a bone for a 20 oz. Sprite.
by Nuckra May 31, 2003
a hard calcifyed organ found in chordates
the mouse had three bones removed on saturday
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
1) to give some respect, love, help, lending hand, etc.
Yo nigga.. can you toss a brotha a bone?
by b-own February 04, 2003
The penis.
I just stuck me bone up her dirt.
by Bear January 23, 2003
marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine
George Bush and Dick Cheney smoked a bone after Dick finished polishing George's dome.
by Deep Throat January 16, 2003

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