Crack cocaine. As in bone white.
Oi, Clint's on bone! Look at him, he's catted up.
(pupils dilated like cat eyes)
You on bone Clint? Jokes
by Jackie-F September 09, 2005
to make sweet tender love to sum1
Leanne M r u boning that chicken????!!!
Geordie slang, Crap, shit, knaff, bollocks, not very good
Ah man, this is bone
by Fuzzle December 27, 2003
to make sweet love to someone/thing
id love to bone your mum
by ziggy October 13, 2003
It's a cigarette
(I'm the biggest kracker I know and even I know this come on guys.)
"cigarettes is bones"
-Ebonics by Big L (R.I.P.)
by ryan September 17, 2003
To fire, sack, terminate employment.
Eddy: "When are we going to bone Jessica?"
by Paul Harders July 10, 2006
To engage in sex with.
Does you think parents should invite their kids into the room while zey is boning?
by GuidoPosse69 February 21, 2005
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