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4 definitions by frankenpimp

what mrs humpty dumpty gives to mr dumpty
mrs humpty was o.t.r so she gave mr humpty egghead
by frankenpimp February 10, 2004
a black man hanging from a tree with a rope in a noose around his neck
billy bob said with a tear in his eye, I know it aint christmas yet,but that thar tree ornament sure is pretty
by frankenpimp February 10, 2004
what you do when the rubber tears
last night i had to bone out, when the cheap circle coin broke
by frankenpimp February 10, 2004
poontang, what female astronauts douche with.
The scanky female astronaut was making the space ship smell like fish , so she douched it out with some tang.
by frankenpimp May 18, 2004