a drug usualy MDMA rapped in rizla+ so it can be swallowed.
"make us another bomby man, i can't do it. im too fucked"
"have you droped that bomby yet?"
by drugsmister May 23, 2009
Top Definition
"bombies" is often used to describe really, really, good weed
Hey Johnny, you gonna get some of those bombies today?

Of COURSE I am, Alex.
by Sir Mix A Lot August 29, 2006
hip and super cool. usually used by people who use words like hip.
that record is so bomby, man.
by trish July 17, 2004
A word to describe good bud
Damn, that ganj is bomby, dawg!
by LIL G April 09, 2003
To be afraid of something or doing something. This word is commonly used by Trinidadians.
Steve is bomby because he thinks he failed an exam.

Mark becomes bomby as he encounters his ex-girlfriend.
by Soldier007 October 16, 2010
The opposite of mernt. Particularly cool or different.
That show was pretty bomby.
by gonavybeatarmy January 04, 2012
Bomby is a village in Cumbria, England.
I was in Bomby last week.
by The real BoMbY February 26, 2011
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