Word (nick name) used in the song entitled "Bokkie" by the pre-famous band; Elefant.
look up Elefant on myspace. The song "bokkie" will be on it. they're a rad band. Other good songs by them would be Lolita and Misfit.
by UpYersPaulie* September 15, 2007
Top Definition
this term is Afrikaans for "little buck" and it is used as a term of endearment for those you love. it is used almost exclusively by South Africans and South African Expats.
*son falls off of bicycle and concerned father yells*

Dad: Hey my bokkie, are you alright?

Son: Yeah dad, its fine. Just a little scratch.
by mr. south africa December 08, 2009
1. A South African. Can be applied to both White and Black South Africans.
Those Bokkie bastards are going to lose to the All Blacks on Satuday.
by m3athelmet February 20, 2009
Derogatory word that defines the so called better half of boykie. A bokkie is very wild and cannot be tamed. Known to have multiple boykie's, often relatives, without any shame or remorse. A bokkie also depends heavily on Klippies, Coke and Cortina to ensure survival. Found in or around Springs.
Marlene and Juanita, to name a small few
by Biscuit December 03, 2004
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