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Mid-Canadian slang term for Ecstasy.
"Wow, I'm so fucked from eating that boinger"
by dj domain June 18, 2005
The erect penis of an Italian guy from northern New Jersey,when he sees a hot girl with dark hair and green eyes,particularly if she's from Georgia.
Guinea from northern NJ:"Man,my boinger boings up like a mushroom after a hard rain every time I see that dark-haired,green-eyed,pasty chick from Georgia!"
by RoseR August 28, 2014
The new name for Spring
My trampoline uses a lot of boingers.
by Dklouds October 06, 2008
An erect male penis. A stiffy. A boner. A hard-on. A woody.
"Lookin' at your sister's ass is givin' me a boinger!"
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
A hyper, insane, obnoxious, funny, teenage punk rocker who is immature and loves making a fool out of everything. (very easily amused).
"mole! MOLE! you thilly goose BOINGER!"
by Sid September 01, 2003
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