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17 definitions by Adriana

A feeling of strong likely that leads to falling for someone. Thinkking about a person all the time.
I'm totally smitting for you!
by Adriana January 31, 2005
a party made by "party crews" which may contain, noz,drugs, beer and live freak shows. These partys are know by distrubutions of flyers arountd the 'hood.
Hey, what-his-face is having a flyer party at Saturday!
by Adriana April 03, 2004
A butt that is round, sexy and plump. It is shaped like a bubble and it shows on a person's figure.
Hector has a bubble butt.
by Adriana June 10, 2005
A girl that is so attractive that it makes guys sweat .
Veronica is so boiling , everyone in Orangewood High wants to go out with her !!!!
by Adriana April 10, 2004
Someone you care for very much. Usually someone cuddly.
It's been such a long time since I saw my moofie.
by Adriana March 12, 2005
means a girl version of a dickhead
instead of you calling a chick a dickhead call her a pussyhead
by Adriana November 27, 2004
someone wearing the most hidious pair of chunky out of style shoes.
old school platforms
by Adriana October 22, 2004