To ride a step thru motorcycle..aka Honda c90 et al, with both elan and panache.

Bogger is an extention of the word Bog, as in seat, as said motorcycle frame design resembles a latrine. Therefore the rider becomes a 'Bogger'
Wow look there goes 'Bogger' on a step thru!
by Russ n JJ March 29, 2008
Top Definition
A slang, and often affectionately used term for toilet roll. Derived from shortening 'bog roll'.
Ladies, I'll stop leaving the toilet seat up when you stop rinsing all the boggers.
by Crotty Rut-Bottom December 06, 2011
Anybody from the republic of Ireland that lives outside of dublin city. They will also respond to Bog worrior, culchie or Red neck. They will probably have the first name "Dan Jo" or "Jo Jo"
They will also regard towns like Navan as " the big shmoke"
"Man there is a funny smell in this pub". "it's probably just the boggers."
by Grant kirwan May 10, 2004
In Ireland, somebody from outside of Dublin. See Culchie.
Those feckin' boggers can't hold their drink!
by Keith Gaughan July 24, 2003
Typically skateboarders who wear converse or vans.
"Look at them lot skateboarding"

"Yeah theyre just boggers"
by Asdfgyuiop May 17, 2014
A wana be redneck who drinks till there sick and has sex with there siblings. Also referred to as fucking retards who drive lifted trucks their parents bought them.
Look at those boggers to bad there all retards.
by Betterthenretards June 17, 2016
Derbyshire) a person (usually, but not always,) female and usually, (but not always) sexually attractive and sexually aware, mostly remembered with affection - definitely not a slag in the normal sense!
Oh yeah! I remmber 'er! she wor a bit of a bogger!
by Minimidge September 22, 2006
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