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Derbyshire word with definite connotations of past naughtiness corrected in later life and therefore remembered affectionately!
God he wor a raight bugger/bogger when 'e wor litle!! (Probably stole and swore, then grew out of it and became successful!)

Cor! She wor a raight bugger (bogger) when she wor a teenager! (sexually precocious, but turned out nice in the end!)
by Minimidge September 22, 2006
Derbyshire) a person (usually, but not always,) female and usually, (but not always) sexually attractive and sexually aware, mostly remembered with affection - definitely not a slag in the normal sense!
Oh yeah! I remmber 'er! she wor a bit of a bogger!
by Minimidge September 22, 2006
stupid ugly animal native to Wales (which is a stunning, beautiful and very friendly place)
I hate sheep they're so damned ugly
by minimidge July 14, 2006
small but perfectly formed (no offence, but completely different to dwarves) and yes, we certainly do kick ass!
midget means beautiful diminutive creature,fantastic friend, fearsome enemy, less than 5' but can make a giant quiver in bed or in battle!
by minimidge July 14, 2006
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