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someone who is not goth, but wears skateboard style clothing and most listen to metal music not heavy usualy
by anti-townie-mutha March 22, 2003
boggers are sad people who have no sense of fun they mean and graon all the time dress in there dads clothes that are 10 times too big 4 them they shout be sent to boot camp.
hey dude wanna lick me a**e!
by rachy December 08, 2003
a bogger is a sad person who likes to think they are an individual but are really following the crowd by becoming a bogger!
by Jenny April 05, 2003
1.snot,what comes out of your nose when you blow it
2.something nasty
2.Yo this chick i met was straight boogers.
2a.i fucked this chick and the pussy was boggers
by Carrion October 16, 2003