One step too far too fast when trying to get into someone's pants at a bar. A bogey is a good way to get labeled desperate or, even worse, creepy. Comes from the golf term meaning one over par.
Mike: So can I buy you a drink?
Girl: Sure
Mike: Wanna go for a quickie in the bathroom?
Bystander: Ohh! Bogey!
by Phoenyx May 03, 2006
Shooting one over par on a hole of golf.
"This was a par 4 and I shot a 5...GOD FUCKING DAMNIT I GOT A BOGEY!!"
by Bow Gee July 22, 2003
Runny mucus is snot, a bogey is a somewhat harder and crustier critter, but still dried snot.
by Ian Chode June 12, 2003
short term for somethin bein bogus.
guy drops hat in a puddle"Aww nigga dat shit was bogey"
by Serious king of NY June 15, 2008
A hot girl
We got a BOGEY in the car next to us...

Look at those BOGEYS

BOGEY, six o clock..
by MLakin July 02, 2009
1. It is when someone sucks at a sport.

2. Someone get knocked out in one hit.
That kid Ben is bogey at everything.
Ben just got bogeyed.
by Akex & Marksmen May 09, 2008
1) Golf term, putting the ball into the hole one stroke over par.

2) Dried snot.

3) An unidentified aircraft.
2) I pick my bogies and eat them.
3) Peppy: Slippy, look out! Bogey on your tail! (Lylatwars, N64)
by Arran January 03, 2005

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