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Possibly the scariest game ever made... Nuber 1 was very scary when it first came out because people had never experienced such psyhcological images or had as much fear when playing a normal game... It took over the throne of survival horror series after the second in the series was released.
Me - "Damn whats that fucking ringing noise?"
Me - "Phew think i lost him"
Steven - "Dude why's that sword in your character's body...?"
Me - "Fuck..."
by Omni June 16, 2004
The lucky bastard who will be trying to pickup the hottest girl in a group. Always accompanied by a wingman or two who are designated to engage the hot chick's ugly/bitchy/annoying friend(s).
He saw the brunette first, so Clark's gonna be commander tonight.
by Omni November 14, 2003
slang term for a woman's breasts.
"That blonde's got some great milkbags. Are they real?
by Omni November 11, 2003
One of the greatest places in the whole freakin' world. It's the capital of Texas. The weather varies from being incredibly hot to rainy, and stormy. Sometimes there are tornadoes. There are animals like rattlesnakes and armdillos there. The price of living isn't that expensive, and it's just a very good place to be.
When I move out, I'm going to Austin, TX.
by Omni March 03, 2004
An old and senile person. Someone who acts like an old person.
"Grandma can be a complete Jurassic slapass sometimes."
by Omni November 13, 2003
An extremely stupid or foolish person. see slapnut.
"Osama bin Laden is a dumb slapass."
by Omni November 13, 2003
One of the best SPAMmers. When you think of SPAM, you better be fucking thinking of TSROCKS. If not, he'll come over and SPAM the shit out of you with how much TROP ROX. TANTOS may think his shit don't stink, but next to TS, they sure as hell do.
That TSROCKS is teh uber spammer!
by Omni January 14, 2005

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