The Bogas Maximus is a fascinating creature located in Sydney, Australia. Previously bred and civilised in the outer west, most have now migrated to the Shire. The Bogas Maximus can be lured out of their natural habitat fairly easily. All it takes is cheap beer, Lebanese lifesavers and a national pride day. Bogans can be observed participating in activities such as watching the footy, going to pubs and/or starting riots most often rooted from racism and a general dislike for anything unaustralian. The Bogus Maximus prides itself in being Australian, and can be found wearing items of clothing such as overalls, wife beater t-shirts and thongs. Male and female bogans rarely interface with each other, and only gather together to breed and repopulate.
Haha, look at all those bogans starting riots in Cronulla.
by fell in a hoooooole January 28, 2007
Anyone from Melbourne.
"Look at this bogan piece of shit, I bet he's from Melbourne"
by turbodiesel March 24, 2010
Someone who lives in Goolwa.
A Goolwalian. Someone who lives in goolwa. Someone with a mullet, that wears flanellete shirts and worn out jeans. A bogan.
by Dylan Henschke-Pridham August 23, 2006
A shit that hits the bottom of the toilet before it comes out your asshole.
If you take lots of laxcitives you'll be shitting out bogans all day.
by sabby May 21, 2006
whoever wrote the second definition must have been plastered at the time - i've never heard such a crock o' shit in my life. not the first bit, i'm bloody fine with that, it's the flaming second bit about the wankers in wutang and emin-fucking-em plastic crap. it is wrong, yes, WRONG to describe these beings as 'bogans' as it is a harsh insult to the beliefs of many, if not all bogans as i am a bogan myself and bloody proud to wave the flag. plastic gangsters is the correct term to be used - that or wannabes, annoying little shits or homies.
"wasup ma homie? mutha fuckin cunts fuckin riped me off with this fuckin weed. the fucks just crushed up dried fucking cut grass and sold it to me in a bag for a mobile phone i stole from my mum when she was drunk last night fucking my uncle on my bed. have ya gotta smoke?"
by Gangsta Erasa MB August 04, 2005
Ken oaf. Bogans sound like heaps like this when they're on the piss and gittin on it aye, fuck yas
by Farkin Simmo August 10, 2008
Pack of idiots can be found in Gladstone area on of the biggest ones is a local high school student, Bogans are legends and everyone loves em
Bill: aww mate watch how i pick this shiela up aii
Paul: i doubt it but go on

Bill: hey darling guess what me favourite letter of the alphabet is d times 2 double D he he he

Paul: You're a fuken bogan you are
by King Of The Derros June 04, 2010
here in new zealand bogans are seen more as a gang than pathetic australians or rednecks.there in the middle of the biggest gangs down here,which a couple of fights occur.they drink, smoke and grow most of n.z's dope.always wearing black,leather vests and steel cap boots.different areas have different bogans my city of napier being the most gang related.bogans are so common here that in 2006 the government decided to pay a bogan (with a phd) $500.000 to study them.bogans can be usesless bums,bikers (as in hellsangels) or really talented musicians.
f**ken metal heads!
hails to the bogans!
by -DaviD- September 28, 2008
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