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Matt -
leather and leather accessories
Matt bogan
by Jordyn and bek April 12, 2004
English term, different from the aussie and yank definitions, for a group of long-haired hippy-types, often vegetarian, embracing heavy metal and aircooled vw culture, often found hanging out on the beach, the park, fields or anywhere smokin reefer and listening to Nebula and Fu Manchu whilst discussing how theyre gonna slam their rusty old vw beetle and how the chavs are ruining all their favorite festivals.
often heard saying "coool van man!", and "wanna burn a doobie with me maan?"
by Chaz April 13, 2005
A left-handed fat guy, who plays the bass upside down and can't copy things off the board.
look how Bogan plays his bass!
by Joe March 05, 2004
an increasingly rare type of aussie. loves beer and ciggies and usually barracks for Collingwood or Carlton and has a similar amount of teeth to a newborn, none of which straight. There are 2 main types of bogan, one is the aging type, in their 40s and bald. Favourite saying is 'Back in my day' (which usually results in everyone in his vicinity excusing themself. The second type is a younger breed. Has a mullet, plays footy at either junior or senior level (as opposed to the super-rules the aging type play). Have a few more teeth than their older counterparts and generally have a slightly more modern taste in music, fashion etc
Example aging bogan
Name: Keith
Born: nineteen sixty or seventy somethin, i cant remember which
Car: HQ Kingswood
Spouse: Shazza
Kids: Holden, Billy
Footy Club: Carlton
Hair: Got none mate

Younger bogan
Name: Holden
Born: 1990s
Car: Don't have one, or commodore
Spouse: Usually single
Kids: Might have 2 or 3 accidents, dont know any of them
Hair: Mullet
by BMX Hazza August 04, 2014