The Bogas Maximus is a fascinating creature located in Sydney, Australia. Previously bred and civilised in the outer west, most have now migrated to the Shire. The Bogas Maximus can be lured out of their natural habitat fairly easily. All it takes is cheap beer, Lebanese lifesavers and a national pride day. Bogans can be observed participating in activities such as watching the footy, going to pubs and/or starting riots most often rooted from racism and a general dislike for anything unaustralian. The Bogus Maximus prides itself in being Australian, and can be found wearing items of clothing such as overalls, wife beater t-shirts and thongs. Male and female bogans rarely interface with each other, and only gather together to breed and repopulate.
Haha, look at all those bogans starting riots in Cronulla.
by fell in a hoooooole January 28, 2007
People from Berowra (northern sydney)
Most in this area are members of BoGaN3K, many have names such as Shazza, Bazza, Gazza etc. they love their holdens and fords
by lora October 16, 2003
A species of australian that dwels in a swer like a dwarf waiting for inocent people to walk passt to grab thier ankles.
loves to bask in galon of tommatoe suace (alos knows at ketchup)
Dont be such a bogan andrew
by Steve March 29, 2005
I just did a huge Bogan in the toilet
by Beiry September 13, 2003
You will find a mass of teenage bogans in Garden Place, Hamilton, New Zealand. Generally A male who wears a lot of black, wears T-shirts with "Metallica" and "Tool" on them, has plenty of piercings in their face, and most importantly loves Heavy Metal. They swear alot to prove how hard they are, they also carry knives because Maoris often try to beat them up for their "hardxcore" appearance. See skin heads

People try to deny the fact these people are named bogans, and say "don't lable." I don't like lables either, but how else can you describe their style when they're all the fucking same!
Bogan1- "Hey I want to get my septum pierced oi!"

Bogan2- "OI fucken OI!!!!!! Im getting my dick peirced oi fuck yeah"

Bogan2- "Fuck yeah! Im thinking I'll get a massive tattoo on my back of Satan what do you think about that? Fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit"

by Shainerr May 18, 2007
A bogus hogan. A hogan that is dirty or has been in dirty places, particularly an ass or a dirty poon.
After Chris gave Shondra the brown trout surprise, he had a serious bogan!
by drewskimurph October 04, 2008
A person of native american descent who is unemployed and drinks mouthwash or Lysol to get drunk. Also known as rubbies
"Nah, I dont want to walk through the park, too many bogans"
by Nobis July 29, 2003
A bunch of people who live in berowra(northern sydney) who all belong to the clan BoGaN3k. We all claim to live in extreme poverty in a shanty town of cardboard boxes, where all we do is smoke durries and get pissed. The bogans lifestyle is laid back and enjoyable, never washing, never changing clothes etc... Give it a try, you'll like it.
Man, those people are a bunch of Bogans
by P3ngu1n March 17, 2004

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