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'A bit Of Fry and Laurie', British comedy show of the late 80s and early 90s. (Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry)
Been watching any boffle lately?
by bad_penny March 25, 2006
25 13
Anything and Everything while being Nothing.
Those bushes are boffle style.
by Reno December 12, 2003
10 8
B.est O.f F.riends F.or L.ike E.ver
Clayton and Taylor are Boffle.
by Clayton Eudy November 26, 2007
7 7
Everything and Anything, and nothing at times.
You just got boffled.
What the boffle is going on here.
You smell like a boffle today.
Those bushes are boffle.
by Reno December 12, 2003
3 6