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'A bit Of Fry and Laurie', British comedy show of the late 80s and early 90s. (Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry)
Been watching any boffle lately?
#hugh laurie #stephen fry #sfahl #blackadder #jeeves and wooster
by bad_penny March 25, 2006
Anything and Everything while being Nothing.
Those bushes are boffle style.
by Reno December 12, 2003
B.est O.f F.riends F.or L.ike E.ver
Clayton and Taylor are Boffle.
#bestie #bestfriends #bff #friends #people
by Clayton Eudy November 26, 2007
Everything and Anything, and nothing at times.
You just got boffled.
What the boffle is going on here.
You smell like a boffle today.
Those bushes are boffle.
by Reno December 12, 2003
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