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A girl with large boobs and a small bottom who generally chips about
"Hello there, Boffle Chops... I like your boobs."
by sweet September 08, 2003
someone who is self obsessed and enjoys monging.
oh we better not walk through the graveyard we might see a skeener
by sweet May 28, 2004
Generic term used to describe anything which is good. (Prefix with "that *really* is a" and recite slowly to reverse the meaning)
A pint of Steela for one pound: "That's a nice price".

A topless lady with lovely boobs: "That's a nice price."

A bottle of Sol in a west end bar for six pounds and fifty pence: "That *really* is a nice price".

Claire Short in a peep-hole bra: "That *really* is a nice price".
by sweet September 08, 2003
A loose cannon, liable to go off at any time causing severe damage to those around him. Often found armed with a brown paper bag of exceptionally strong skuzz.
Christ alive, check out Mangrenade... That shit can't be legal!
by sweet September 08, 2003
Nonsensical corruption of "vodka and red bull", for use when no further portions of said drink are required, but someone is about to go to the bar.
"While you're there, fetch I another vod n rid bar."
by sweet September 08, 2003
Similar to a wank but with a much, much smaller penis and frequently utilising maternal pornography.
Timmay looks a bit flushed... I think he's just had a covert hand shandley.
by sweet September 08, 2003
A position used to provide sexual gratification to a male partner without intercourse wherein the the partners are naked in the 'spooned' position, on their sides, with the man's the one on the outside of the spoon erect penis firmly between the ass cheeks of the woman or person on the inside of the spoon who flexes, and gyrates, effectively twisting, rubbing, and pulling the erect penis to orgasm.
She wanted to save herself for marriage, but she did the Istanbul twist for me and blew my mind.
by Sweet July 31, 2003

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