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nigger that think he the shit when hes just really fat
pequisha is a niggerpotamus
by reno April 20, 2005
one who constantly masturbates cause they cant get the real thing
lt. johnson is a spooger
by reno April 21, 2005
the store where all of the preppy ass fags go and get dun in the ass by other guys while they wear their shirts that choke them
john jake and dj all go to fagercrombie and itch to do other guys and pick up 8 year olds
by reno April 17, 2005
a guy that likes to engage in indecent exposure
nanny is a weiner waver
by reno April 17, 2005
To spill a substance out of one's mouth and onto oneself.
Dude, you gneished that beer all over yourself!
by Reno June 18, 2003
getaway car for oj ; this guy knows what im talking about
that negro in the white bronco is on crack like oj
by reno April 20, 2005
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