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Slapping someone who's sunburned with an open hand full-force, so you leave a big handprint on their back or front.
Tom: I went to the beach yesterday, and I got soooo sunburned.
Mary: Ooh, let me see?
*Tom lifts up his shirt to show her his back*
Mary: Ooh, looks painful. D'ye want a bodyglove?
Tom: What?
*Mary slaps his back full-force and runs away laughing*
by Amolerouth November 28, 2004
6 Words related to bodyglove
1. Brand of Surf clothes and wetsuits
2. The act of slapping somebody on the back as hard as you can, often leaving a mark that looks like the logo of the Body Glove surf brand.
1. I just got a body glove wetsuit!
2. Let's go body glove that guy!
by JelloBiafra July 01, 2005
Smacking a girl on the ass during sexual intercourse with the specific intent of leaving a hand-print that resembles the logo of body glove surf-wear company (popular in the mid-nineties)
I totally bodygloved your ass. And you liked it.
by bodygloved_girl March 19, 2009

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