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To fully understand the true meaning of Spagack, one must picture having it screamed at you by a half-crazy, teenage trailer trash guy in a violently yellow shirt from a car driving past at insane speeds, while you stand on the sidewalk and wonder what the fuck just happened.
"Oh man, I'm spagacked outta my gourd."


"Basically, I just want to go to this rave tonight and get totally spagacked."
by Amolerouth April 29, 2004
Slapping someone who's sunburned with an open hand full-force, so you leave a big handprint on their back or front.
Tom: I went to the beach yesterday, and I got soooo sunburned.
Mary: Ooh, let me see?
*Tom lifts up his shirt to show her his back*
Mary: Ooh, looks painful. D'ye want a bodyglove?
Tom: What?
*Mary slaps his back full-force and runs away laughing*
by Amolerouth November 28, 2004
Just like a Hi5.

But with one more.
"Dude! I totally spagacked this guy while I was at the bowling alley, and he dropped his ball on his foot!"
by amolerouth September 20, 2004

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