it means big booty ass.
Shit, her bodonkadonk is huge.
by Person November 03, 2003
Top Definition
Bodonkadonk? Shit man THAT'S "JUNK IN THE TRUNK!"
nuthin like a big ol juicy bodonkadonk
by Bozz Hawg April 02, 2004
A big thick bootyliscious grabtastic
ass, mainly on african american women, although - there are plenty of white skittles that have Badonkadonks.
"Damn T, That hoe got one slamin' badonkadonk" "Thats Right, My Dear Friend, She does, and I've 'hit that shizznit with my dangla many times'
by Carl August 27, 2003
Dave Chepelle's I Know Black People Quiz.......people say bodonkadonk is

the lady cop:talking about my rear end right

a producer from the show: an incredably attractive ass

black guy that works at the barbershop: bodonkodonk...shit man thats junk in the trunk,thats what you put your mug on sattle up and ride,or an ass
she has got a fine bodonkadonk.
by dont matter December 06, 2005
A nice big, thick, attractive pair of Christmas ham sized buttcheeks, especially on a black woman. Some serious junk in the trunk that for some men is very hypnotizing.
A bodonkadonk? It's a really big ass...
by SEY January 25, 2008
first of all its badonkadonk, not wit a o smart asses. and eryone knows wha it is, a big thick booty tht makes you say damn and wanna stare at it
she got a badonkkadonkdonk wit a side of goddamn and lord hav mercy wit some whooo sprinkled on top
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
African Ass, Big nice ass on a woman
DAMN look at that banokadonk
by Al June 07, 2003
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