noun (Australia) - Body (of a person)
He's got a great bod! - Neighbours
by Rob February 03, 2005
Black Out Drunk When you get drunk and suddenly can't remember anything that happened from a certain point on.
I went out last night and got BOD.
by DAWC October 15, 2007
1. The scariest damn show ever to be created for the enjoyment of children.
2. A show in which a boy in a dress comes hurtling towards you.
Make Bod go away!
by Phantastic Fox March 12, 2004
Brian O'Driscoll. Perhaps the greatest Irish rugby player ever!
Dude...did you see that play by BOD? It was AMAZING!!
by rugby4life April 09, 2008

BOD Bringer Of Death, used in online FPS games etc to denote skilled player.
Stay clear of ( name ) he/she is BOD, you don't stand a chance up against him/her.
by applecatz September 29, 2007
The mighty Bong Of Destiny. The bong made out of the Devils right horn that draws like a pencil and gives out this kick ass green smoke when used. It can literally blow your freakin mind. If used properly, you too can have glorious adventures.
I had this big corporate meeting in which I had to decide the fate of over 50,000 employees. Not knowing what to do, I took a few puffs out of my BOD and saved the jobs of all 50,000 employees by opening my mind to all sorts of fantastic ideas. Thank you Bong of Desitny...thank you.
by Spiek EZ September 25, 2007
A slang term for a Fart/Gas/Trump/Pump/Raspberry/The passing of wind, this is when a human exhales excess gases, mainly methane from the rectum, ultimately the arse
'I went for a shit, nothing came out but a bod'
by Gogen June 26, 2007

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